Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving along

It's day 3 at school and I feel like things are moving along today. Everything is working out the way it should be.
I've decided to drop Ancient History and pick up Extension English. At first I was excited about Ancient history but now I realise that it sucks and I don't enjoy it. I'm interested in the history but maybe just not in such a structured way. I decided to pick up Extension English because I know that will bring up my marks in the HSC, meaning you get rewarded for trying a hard subject even if you suck at it. I'm kind of worried about the extent and the amount of the work, but hey, I can't handle anything right?
By dropping Ancient history it also means I don't have to do the 2000 word essay and I get more free periods!!
I"ve also gotten into the lowest netball team which is a surprise but works out better for me anyway because it means less trainging sessions so i have more time to work at my new job.

But just in general, I'm having a better day today and I hope it stays like this. have a good one!


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